The Most Slash-Worthy Axe Throwing Party Ideas

Do you want to blow your friends and family away with a thrilling axe throwing party? The adrenaline-pumping activity is fun for bringing people together and boosting morale. Plus, it’s great for getting rid of pent-up energy and engaging in friendly competition!

Many exciting activities can help you throw the standout function of the year. Everyone can enjoy an axe throwing party. It’s fantastic for birthdays, graduation celebrations, or team-building exercises.

You can even plan a slashing send-off for the memorable stag and hen bash!

Join us to discover the top party ideas for a joyous celebration of axe throwing fun.

Why host an axe throwing party?

An axe throwing birthday party, work event, or school outing is a fun-packed adventure. You’re bound to have plenty of thrills, no matter your age.

Axe throwing is a game of target striking, like darts and archery. Aim the conventional wood-chopping tool at a circular board to hit the specific target. Each person gains points based on how many targets they hit. The one with the highest score wins!

An axe throwing party isn’t just a fun time; it builds skills, strength, and precision. The activity can benefit players therapeutically, providing a cathartic way of relieving stress. It also improves hand-eye coordination, grip, and focus. 

Entertain your guests while encouraging friendly competition and socialisation. Even kids (from age 11) can enjoy a few safe rounds of target practice (with adult supervision, of course)!

Let’s explore a few of the most popular events you can host for mAXE-imum fun.

Be the life of the (axe throwing) birthday party

Now is the time to test your aim if you’ve never attended an axe throwing birthday party. Anyone can play, as the sport doesn’t need intense training to enjoy. A couple of practice rounds will be enough for anyone to get the hang of it.

There are several fun ways to approach your birthday party:

  • Split up into teams and help each other get more points than the others.
  • Face off against each other in elimination rounds until the last one is standing.
  • Create a theme and ask the guests to arrive dressed up. The best costume wins an extra round for a shot at bonus points!
  • Set up more targets for an axe throwing birthday party extravaganza. Some fun game ideas include pop the balloons, smash the piñata, and pin the axe on the donkey.

Ready for the party of a lifetime?

Take your position and step backwards with your dominant leg. Lift the axe behind your head with both hands. Pull a deep breath in, focus on your target, and throw your weapon.

Let the games begin!

A bachelor and bachelorette party like no other

An axe throwing bachelor party or bachelorette celebration is thrilling for all genders. It provides a fun, wholesome alternative to going out and getting hammered. 

Axe throwing is great for building friendships and encouraging healthy competition. You can still enjoy a few drinks between rounds if you want!

For the groom: What’s more empowering than wielding an axe? Compete against each other and prove your alpha prowess in a game of strength and precision.

Forget roses, rings, and dresses. An axe throwing bachelorette party is an amazing bonding experience for the bride and her brigade

Below are three axe-citing game ideas for the ultimate hen and stag parties:

  • Blackjack 21: Similar to the classic game, this version involves a numbered board instead of cards. Each person gets a few rounds to get as many points as possible. The one who scores 21, or the closest to it, wins.
  • Bull’s Eye: This axe throwing bachelor party game is much like darts. You aim at a larger version of a dartboard with a red circle in the middle. Instead of scoring, the goal is to hit as many bull’s eyes as possible within a specific number of rounds.
  • Jack/Jill of All Trades: This game of skill involves five different styles of axe throwing. The players must complete each one successfully to win.

    The varying methods include single-handed left, single-handed right, two-handed, underhand left, and underhand right. You can make the game more competitive by awarding points for each successful attempt.

An axe throwing bachelorette party or bachelor bash is fantastic for everyone involved. Our trained professionals will help everyone learn the techniques, keeping the competition safe and fun.

Ditch the office; throw axes

Are you looking for an enjoyable, all-inclusive way to boost morale and teamwork in the office? An axe throwing party may be what everyone needs to enhance productivity and form stronger alliances between employees.

There’s nothing better than some friendly competition to improve team building. Everyone splits into groups and encourages teammates to score the most points.

Cut-throat is our go-to game for the ultimate office team exercise. It’s also among our favourite picks for an axe throwing bachelor party.

Each person gets three assigned numbers on the target. Your group aims to strike the other team players’ marks while trying to avoid your own. The player on the opposite team gets eliminated if you hit all their spots. 

Eventually, there’ll only be two players battling it out with each other. The last one standing wins the game!

Toss your graduation cap, then throw an axe

Excited students celebrating graduation by throwing their caps into the air at an 'Axe Throwing Party' filled with joy and triumph.

School’s out, and the guest of honour is ready to face the world with their new education. What better way to celebrate than an axe throwing party?

A graduation celebration with axes is fantastic for relieving all that studying stress. Grab your classmates, family, and friends and prepare for hours of adrenaline-pumping fun. Commemorate the graduate’s success with food, drinks, cake, and good camaraderie.

Bring your past test papers to your graduation axe throwing party for extra therapeutic fun. We’ll stick them up on the target board in front of you. Release your pent-up energy by hurling an axe at them and saying “good riddance” to exams forever!

Other axe throwing party ideas

Axe throwing is a fun activity for everyone, and it’s perfect for any event you want to host. Trust the Johnny Throws team to plan an exciting outing for you and your loved ones.

We’ll guide you through the training, teach you safe techniques, and ensure everything goes smoothly. Any event is possible, whether you’re having an axe throwing birthday party, stag and hen celebration, or work function.

Here are some other fantastic party ideas we can help you plan:

  • Engagement: Celebrate the soon-to-be-married couple in lumberjack style. Play a quiz to see who knows the bride and groom the best!
  • Date night/anniversary: Who says date night has to be a romantic dinner? Throwing axes is an exciting activity that can help you bond as a couple. You can even book your next anniversary with us; we’ll plan an intimate adventure for both of you.
  • Baby shower: Celebrate the gift of life with an axe throwing birthday party for your loved one’s newborn. Our environment is family-friendly, and hurling axes is a welcome break from caring for the baby.
  • Sweet 16: Teenagers have a lot of pent-up energy. Axe throwing can help them get rid of it. You’ll thank the axes after your kids vent their frustrations on our target boards.
  • Reunion: Celebrate a high school, college, or work reunion with a fun axe throwing party. Put your skills to the test and compare techniques over appetising drinks and food. Keep it friendly and don’t let your ego get the best of you!

Let us know if you have other ideas and requests for your next party. We’ll do our best to cater for any exciting event you want to have, no matter the occasion.

Plan unique parties with Johnny Throws

A vibrant and colorful half-cut tree with an axe stuck firmly into its trunk. A fun-filled atmosphere surrounds it, with people cheering and participating in an exciting axe throwing party.

An axe throwing party is hands-down one of the most extraordinary events you’ll ever attend. It gets your adrenaline pumping and is an excellent way to bond with friends and family.

Our parties encourage healthy competition, skill-building, and stress relief. Axe throwing is a chance to test your precision, boost your strength, and engage in therapeutic fun. Everyone will have a slashing time and walk away with lasting memories.

Contact us today to arrange your next axe throwing birthday party or any celebration you have in mind. Be sure to visit our blog to discover other game ideas and tips and learn more about the benefits of flinging axes. 

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