10 Health Benefits of Axe Throwing

Two axes, intersecting on a neutral gray background, representing the exciting and invigorating activity of axe throwing. Discover the benefits of axe throwing, a thrilling recreational pursuit that fosters focus, precision, and stress relief.

Many people are starting to see the health benefits of axe throwing. This mediaeval sport may boost mental and physical vitality. It’s gaining popularity as a drinking game for stressed-out millennials. There’s even the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). 

Axe throwing isn’t just a fun pastime. It also holds a variety of potential health benefits. Read on for the top ten upsides of this sport and prepare to unleash your inner Viking!

1. Stress relief

Common stress-relief vices include drinking, smoking, and scoffing down cheeseburgers. These tactics aren’t only ineffective but also damaging to physical and mental health. 

Hurling an axe can be as cathartic as chugging down a beer. It offers stress relief plus all the benefits of cardiovascular training. This mediaeval sport also rivals modern strength training exercises. 

As you throw the axe with all your might, the tension leaves your body. Your veins pump feel-good endorphins. When you hit the bullseye, it’s game over for your stress.

The uplifting and cathartic axe throwing benefits are beneficial for those with anxiety. They may prevent panic attacks and reduce somatic effects by boosting endorphins.

2. Cardio workout

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for every fitness goal. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or get fitter, a healthy heart is key. Treadmills are common cardio machines. Even with the best playlist, they can become tedious after a while. 

Switch things up and try throwing an axe for a healthy and happy heart. It works similarly to HIIT workouts. Both HIIT and axe throwing provide more intense exercise in a shorter time. You get the same cardio benefits as longer sessions. 

Regularly hurling axes increases the peak oxygen consumption that your heart pumps. It’s known as VO2. Higher levels of VO2 lead to a longer, healthier life. This compound also promotes a stronger cardiovascular system. 

3. Improved hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination incorporates motor and visual skills, which help with visual-spatial perception. It involves gaining information from external stimuli and converting it into physical instructions.

Axe throwing improves your hand-eye coordination and spatial perception. By practising this sport, you can experience improvements in everyday motor skills. Movements like handwriting, cooking, and grasping objects get easier.

Throwing an axe involves large muscle groups, including your arms, core, and legs. It’s part of the gross motor activities that boost flexibility and reflex time. 

4. Uplifted mood

When you’re in a bad mood, it’s hard to find something to turn your frown upside down as quickly as axe throwing. This sport provides a therapeutic release, allowing you to let go of anger, sadness, and stress. 

As you throw the heavy axe into the air, picture your negative emotions or events that made you upset. Flinging it is a representation of letting go of those feelings. 

When you hit the bullseye, endorphins flood your system, and you feel relieved. Your brain’s reward system triggers the release of dopamine. This hormone uplifts your mood and boosts motivation. 

5. Socialisation 

In the age of social media, meeting new people and engaging with your friends and family is rarer than ever before. Axe throwing is an engaging and interactive activity that builds and strengthens connections. 

There are many axe throwing contests and events in different areas. Attending them can help you meet like-minded people. 

Axe throwing is an excellent group activity. It’s a way for everyone to stay fit and have fun while doing it. This sport is typically suitable for anyone over the age of 10. Ranges require adult consent and supervision. 

Are you going on a first date? Coffee and dinner meet-ups are so last year. Axe throwing is becoming a popular romantic activity. You and your partner can learn a new skill and get to know one another better. 

Traditional date locations, like cafes, distract you with banging plates and chatter. One of the axe throwing benefits is the ranges are free from bothersome noises. You can hone into the conversation and spend quality time with each other. 

Social activities help sharpen cognitive function, improve memory, and increase dopamine. Axe throwing may boost your confidence and empathy. It makes it easier to build lasting connections with people.

An axe expertly stuck into cut tree, showcasing the thrilling benefits of axe throwing for fun, skill-building, and stress relief.

6. Self-defence strategies

You can also learn self-defence tactics through axe-throwing. The ability to hit a target spot-on is a worthwhile skill. It could improve performance in close-combat sports, like boxing, by boosting hand-eye coordination.

One of the benefits of axe throwing is you learn how to hit a target with ease. It also comes in handy for far-range protection. The zombie apocalypse is something many are preparing for. If you’re among the doomsday preppers, there’s no better option than an axe. 

Some argue that axe throwing only helps with self-defence if you always carry it on you. With the right aim and enough practice, you can use almost any object to defend yourself. 

People who camp in areas with dangerous animals, like bears, should practise axe-throwing. It gives you the ability to protect yourself without getting too close. 

7. Better endurance and stamina 

Repeatedly throwing an axe creates impressive stamina levels and strength. It teaches you to keep pushing and builds discipline. 

Hauling an axe works the heart and major muscle groups. The motion of pulling the axe back and then throwing it requires a significant amount of effort. If you repeat the movement multiple times, you build endurance. 

When you practise axe throwing consistently, you can expect better stamina. After a while, you notice you don’t feel as tired in between throws. It could boost your performance in other sports and help you work out for longer. 

8. Full-body muscle activation 

Deadlifting is a common way to get gains, but what if instead of picking the weight up, you threw it? Flinging a heavy object like an axe builds a large group of muscles. It engages the core, arms, lats, shoulders, and calves. 

Throwing an axe shifts all your weight forward, giving you the ultimate leg day. Engage your core and exhale on the toss to use all your muscles. Here’s how to achieve the perfect form and reap the benefits of axe throwing:

  1. Hold the axe directly over your head. Maintain this stance as though you’re about to throw a ball. 
  1. With gentle force, pull the axe forward and release it at eye level. 
  1. After the first throw, you can adjust the distance for a better hit. Here’s how to calculate it: 
  • If the blade is parallel to the boards, the distance doesn’t need to be changed. Practice throwing without slanting.
  • If the top of the axe lands, take a half-step closer and don’t rotate as much. 
  • If the bottom of the axe lands on the board, take a half-step backward. 

9. Isolated muscle work

Use the one-handed axe throw to isolate the muscles on either side of your body. This position allows you to target the left and right areas. It also enhances muscle conditioning. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Put your feet together and engage your core.
  1. Hold the axe in one hand (known as the throwing hand). Ensure you have a tight grip on the handle.
  1. Place one foot forward and rest your weight on the other foot (kind of like doing a lunge). 
  1. Bring the axe forward, then throw it using a karate chop motion. Aim for a swift and stable throw instead of the typical flicking motion. 
  1. Keeping your wrist as stiff as possible, throw the axe in line with the bullseye. 
  1. Repeat this motion for 1–5 reps with the right leg forward, then switch sides. 

10. Fun fitness

Have you ever started working out at the gym and given up after the first few days or weeks? It happens to the best of us. Fun matters in exercise and typically determines whether most people stick it out with a fitness program. 

Aimlessly running on a treadmill can lead to burnout. Throwing an axe like a Viking never gets old. When you have fun doing something, you’re more likely to be consistent. It’s important for long-term fitness. 

Axe throwing is a fun and social activity that allows you to build muscle while having a good time. It also holds many mental health benefits. This sport could reduce cortisol, aka the stress hormone, and may help you achieve health goals like weight loss.

An axe resting on a freshly cut tree, illustrating the benefits of axe throwing - a popular and exhilarating recreational activity that promotes stress relief, precision, and a strong sense of achievement through accurate target hits.

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There are many benefits of axe throwing, including improved mental health, a full-body workout, and stress relief. It’s also a fun activity to try with your friends and family or a way to make new connections. 

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